I’m a Bedfordshire based photographer and this website is simply a vehicle for me to showcase my photography.

I’m mainly a self taught photographer though have done a couple of courses over the last 20 years including a City & Guilds and several studio, portrait, stock photography and wedding workshop days.

On that final one, I did used to do weddings but don’t anymore, I have a full time job in the NHS and now treat my photography as a hobby not as a job. A bit of advice I always gave though to those looking for wedding photographers is here.

As to why I became a photographer? Why not?

I simply loved recording things I’d done, places I’d been and of course once I had children this became even more important in my life. As time went on I would do what many do and pick up copies of Practical Photography or Amateur Photographer and read read read. Then practice practice practice! After about a year of that I twigged that the articles seem to start repeating themselves, in fact Im pretty sure I could walk into a newsagent tomorrow and there will be an article on either action shooting, landscapes or low light photography. 

I did a City & Guilds Photography course believing that this would help me, to be honest, it helped me to formalise what I’d taught myself with the added bonus of learning how to develop my own film shots (yes this is pre-digital). So, while it wasn’t a complete waste of time and money, it wasn’t that magic wand to make me a great photographer and I genuinely believe that there is no such thing. I’m not saying a course or qualification isn’t useful, just don’t expect it to be the one thing that makes you a good photographer. I know many that never did any formal courses and are great photographers.

Then for some years my photography waned as I concentrated on my career but about the year 2000 two things happened. First of all I had always wanted a scooter, not a twist and go like you see the 16 year olds on, a real classic scooter, a Lambretta and I finally bought one! The second thing was the advent of decent digital cameras that did more than point and shoot so I combined the two, my scootering and photography. 

Since then I’ve gone from strength to strength and tried various forms of photography and even shooting weddings. I’ve attended learning days over the last few years on portraiture, weddings etc. However, one of my favourite ways of improving my work and getting feedback is through a photography forum that I try and regularly submit to, it’s a bit scary at first considering there are over 55,000 members on there but I’ve learnt some invaluable techniques and gained many tips and tricks through that community. I’m a firm believer in not asking friends and family for feedback, it’s often inaccurate as they don’t want to be negative. 

So, moving forward I now shoot with an Olympus system which is micro four thirds and beautifully compact and very capable. Where will my photography take me? I have no idea and that’s what I love about it. Currently I’ve been shooting a large proportion of long exposures as well as some tabletop still lifes, the latter though could be attributable to the poor weather generally.

Anyway, if you like what I do, then please share my site using the facebook and twitter links at the top of the page and don’t be afraid to get in touch or leave a comment.