April’s Themes

My four themed images for the month of April were Above, Evolve(d), Hold and Smoke.

Theme – Above

A shot I had done some weeks ago but used to ensure I don’t lose impetus in the project.


This is a double walled mug of Nespresso coffee on my wooden chopping board. Shot from above and lit by a single flash (with some tissue over it to diffuse the light) from the right and a white bounce card camera left to fill the handle side of the mug. Triggered using a pair of Yongnuo wireless triggers.


Theme – Evolve(d)


The evolving future of the Airship industry and currently the largest Aircraft on the planet!
Taken early the morning of April 20th 2017, the Airlander 10 sits patiently for more pre flight tests today before taking to the air once more. More information on this new breed of Hybrid Air Vehicle here. www.hybridairvehicles.com


Theme – Hold

Hold? Hold what? Talk about an open subject, I wasn’t sure what on earth to shoot but thought I’d try some more flash work and combine it with another self portrait and ummm one of my chickens?


I used off camera flash, which was set at 18mm, 1/2 power, camera right and set about 2 foot higher than my head. Light was softened slightly by using a white plastic bag as a softbox, this was enough to stop the light being harsh but still cast a decent shadow onto the shed to give some depth to the shot.
Flash was triggered via yongnuo wireless triggers and a self timer set at 10 seconds.


Theme – Smoke

Ok, so while the immediate thoughts were either of someone smoking or of something on fire, neither were appealing. One because I don’t smoke and the other because I wasn’t going to start a fire or hope to see one. So, that pretty much left me with Smoke Art, some of which I’ve done before ( I really should put a page up about how to do this). All you need is a dark room and background and an incence stick for the smoke, then its just a case of using flash to capture the smoke. Ok there’s a bit more to it than that but those are the essentials, once you have done that you either have a single smoke exposure or duplicate exposures or even mirrors. 


So, this is the same image but mirrored 4 different ways to create this final image. Every smoke image is very open to interpretation so you will see something individual to you, or maybe only hints of something.