Fisheye Friday

I don’t use my fisheye enough and that’s because it’s the sort of lens that’s fun, but is so easily overused. And because of that I’ve not used it in ages, therefore I’ve decided to have a section I’ve obviously titled Fisheye Friday. Photos will be newest at the top as time goes by!

Only fisheye, only Friday, let the fun commence!

6. Bridge

Combining project 365 with fisheye Friday! This is the suspension bridge on the Great Ouse in Bedford shot using the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye.

5. Trees 

On a walk and trying to get out and get fit I found this copse of trees that had the setting sun hitting it from the side. Standing in the middle of a set of these trees I pointed the camera upwards, making sure to try and get the converging lines right in the middle of the frame. 

4. Light Trails at Dusk

Just a simple traffic trail just after the sun set over Bedford, this is from the bridge overlooking the A421 as it leaves Bedford toward Milton Keynes if any of you locals want to give it a go. It really was just as excuse to try my new lightweight travel tripod out (which I think I will be selling on as it’s fiddly to use and so any saving in weight is no good if it’s not user friendly). 

3. Tree at Sunset

Fisheye Friday and I’ve been lapsing in my duties!
So, here I decided to find a lone tree locally and attempt a sunset, at first I set everything level to try and stop the distortion of the horizon, then thought…WHY?
Do it, Donnie. Dooooooo it!!!!!

And so, I did.

2. This is a simple monochrome shot from an alley beside a coffee shop. I saw the painted sign on the wall and thought that the walls of the alley converging would make a good frame for the cobbled / brick street, now all I had to do was wait for the right person to walk by and I got lucky when this chap on the left of the shot looked right at me. 

1. This is the first Fisheye Friday and this is an image of a new piece of public art at the new (Summer 2017) Riverside Square development.

William Rounce is the artist behind “The Frog” and you can learn more about him at his website at
This work was commissioned with Bedford Creative Arts and is inspired by the brick making past of Bedford, if you google frog and brick you will get it. The work ingeniously conceals an electricity substation on Riverside Square.