June’s Themes

My five themed images for the month of June were Transport, Minimalistic, Progress, Pleasure(able) and Tiny.

Theme – Transport

It would be all toooooo easy to take yet another shot of my own scooter or to dig out a picture from the Old Warden show a few months ago for this one but instead I decided on this shot I took on a visit to Hitchin in Hertfordshire. 


It’s a relatively new Vespa PX Disc, a modern classic. It was quite a difficult shot to take due to the strong sunlight but the scooter in full shadow, so balancing the two was difficult but as we can see, not impossible. I opted for a portrait shot keeping the scooter in the left third and leaving room for the interesting buildings in the background. Using black and white added to the classic feel the Vespa deserved as well as removing distraction of the strong colours at this time of day.

Theme – Minimalistic

I wandered lonely as a cloud. OK maybe not but we’ve had a nice little break in the weather recently and had some lovely skies and I thought that this simple shot of a cloud in a sea of blue fits this weeks theme beautifully! 


Theme – Progress

This is an image of The Pilgrims Progress in Bedford, UK. This building has been here for approximately 100 years and has been various businesses over the years but most recently a Wetherspoon and is now a hotel too. 


As for the image itself? Meh. No really, it’s just a bit meh. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s not one I’m particularly going to point anyone toward, maybe it’s the railings, or the darkness at the top left I don’t know. I do like that I’ve got some blue hour sky going on, perhaps if the moon happened to be there too I’d be happier and I’m happy with the light trails which add a different element too. But it’s really more of a snap for me.

Theme – Pleasure(able)

Our Border Collie, Finn. Well, he does bring some pain being only 4 months old and acts like a frog on a spring, but just look at him. How can that not bring some pleasure?


Theme – Tiny

Here I was kind of stuck, a macro shot would be the easy shot but then I started to think of the perspective of something tiny looking at something so much larger and so it was that my little lego Stormtrooper made yet another appearance!


This was shot in my back garden using the 7.5mm Samyang fisheye lens and took a little bit of fiddling. In the end I needed to shoot several shots with exposure compensation due to the sky (even overcast) trying to overpower the rest of the image. Therefore 2.3 stops of overexposure were necessary to get detail in the Stormtrooper and me as the giant about to stomp on him.

Once I’d figured the exposure I just needed to balance the Stormtrooper on the edge of the lens, lay the camera facing up in the grass of the garden while dodging showers, then take some shots with my foot in various positions until I found a composition I was happy with, et voila!