Project 365 – A photo a Day for 2018

Even though I didn’t quite manage my photo 52 for 2017 I’m going to try a 365 with no rules or pressure on me. I won’t necessarily post daily due to doing shiftwork but each photo will be taken on a different day. Let’s see how far I get!

Day 019 – Bridge
Combining project 365 with fisheye Friday! This is the suspension bridge on the Great Ouse in Bedford shot using the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye.

Day 018 – Thundercloud over copse
Out testing my new lens from yesterday but in fact managed to take this shot with the 12-40 instead! Anyway, this was a chance shot on my way home where this thundercloud seemed to have settled over a copse of trees in a field. I only had a minute to set up and take this one so was very lucky.

Day 017 – New Arrival
My brand new ultra wide angle 7-14mm lens has arrived! Excited!!!

Day 016 – Pimm’s
Anyone for Pimm’s?

Day 015 -Baylis & Harding
A complete and desperate snap to fill today’s slot! I can recommend the handwash though, it smells lovely!

Day 014 – Hive
Our new Hive thermostat, again very much a fill shot!

Day 013 – Winnings
Approximately £140 worth of beard grooming products I won that arrived in todays post! Very pleased.

Day 012 – Unloved Light
A simple shot of a front door light thats looking a bit unloved but I love how the light richens the colours of the surrounding brickwork.

Day 011 -Church on the hill
Little Staughton Church, this is really a roadside snap as I was out this way today, however a little research and I think this has real potential at sunrise or sunset! One to remember for sure! Deliberately processsed to make it look like it could bave been taken in the fifties.

Day 010 – Finn
A quick snap of Finn our lovely but mad Border Collie! Love the eyes!

Day 009 – Oregano
This was squeezed in at midnight! Boring boring boring snap.

Day 008 – Boiler
The new boiler we had installed today 🙂 Nothing exciting but a judicious use of depth of field was used.

Day 007 – Leaping Man.
A sculpture of Greg Rutherford the Olympic Long Jumper at Sunset toward Milton Keynes.

Day 006 – 25 years
A fun present from our daughter from last month for our silver anniversary.
Had a plan to get a milky way / windmill shot at Pitstone Windmill last night and after a 2 hour return journey it didn’t pan out, too much cloud and way too much light pollution! So, at ten to midnight last night I took this.

Day 005 – Bears & Tales
Yesterdays shot taken before midnight on a night out with my lovely wife at Bears & Tales in Bedford.

Day 004 – PD
My new Peak Design Leash arrived!

Day 003 – Breaktime. Finally got a tea break at work.

Day 002

Day 001